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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wasson Peak Hike - Sunday 2/28/16 (Day 56)

Wasson Peak is one of my favorite hikes in the Tucson area for beauty, elevation and elevation.  At nearly 7 miles and over 1700 foot elevation change, it's a hike that prepares you well for many other likes in the area.  Oh, one other good thing is that it isn't crowded.  You are never more than 10 minutes away from others but you are generally alone.

Above you can see I got an early start at 8:00.  For me this is 2+ hours up and 2 hours down.  This means that I will not be back at the trailhead until 12:30 pm.

Going early you also get shade for a good part of the beginning of the hike.

As with most mountains in the area, there are evidence off mines still in the area.

The trail is well marked but with a lot of loose gravel, so coming down I can slide if I try stopping fast.

This hike is near Saguaro NP West.

There are plenty of great looking views to include cactus. 

As usual I will put in a photo of flowers on the way.

Looking back to where the car is parked.

I'm on top of Wasson Peak looking north.

This is one of the few selfies I'll include in my travels.  I know some have been wondering if my two visits to Slab City had any affect on my clean cut look.

A vandweller friend in Kentucky had told me to get some temporary tats before going.  In actuality she was right, although piercings would have helped there too.  I may have to try the suggestion next year.

I was thinking of a tat on my neck behind my right ear.  

I'm wearing my desert light weight wide brim hat as the sun is getting stronger every day and this on stays flat under my sleeping bag as the top is just thin material with vent flaps.  

My Indianna Jones hat is wool and too hot for this weather.  It was great when I was in Quartzsite before it started getting warm.

A look back down the trail from the top.

This isn't my saved track.  I forgot to turn on my record so I got this from the stored files on the AllTrailes app.

My feet held up for the hike but I did have to put bandages on the heals at the top as I was starting to get blisters.

No snakes yet but it will not be long now before they are more active.


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