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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sara's Crack Hike

My Friend, who lives in Havasu City, AZ, knows I like to hike and suggested Sara's Crack.  Sara Park is at the south end Havasu and is where the Western Pyrotechnics Association is shooting off their public displays this week.  (See separate post on fireworks.) Sara's Crack is one of a couple hikes there.

With a few hours before I wanted to be parked for the fireworks on Saturday afternoon I figured I could go on a short hike and Sara's Crack.

Above I'm heading out on the trail before it depends towards Lake Havasu.

I reached a high spot before heading downhill and turned around to see the fairgrounds camping area set up for the fireworks.

Looking away from the park the trail merges on to the dry stream bed where the stream has carved out the land over the years.

As the water over the years drained into the Colorado River.  During the summer monsoon season I gather there is water running at times and pools along the way.  

Now it's just dry.

The carving into the Rock gets deeper and narrower the further down hill I go towards the lake.  Parker Dam south of here holds back the water to form Lake Havasu.

I made it to Sara's Crack with just enough time to turn around to head to the parking area for the fireworks.

I don't know why the AllStays app doesn't save the hike statistics, but the overall round trip distance was around 2.5 miles.

It's a fun family walk as the kids seem to have fun in the crack.

There is also a disc golf course here at Sara Park that would be fun and interesting if it had a layout, signs, and baskets.  From what I can figure is in place of baskets you hit the white post where a basket would be to play the game.  Above is an unnumbered tee box.


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