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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Tubac Festival Of The Arts

Tuesday night 2/10 (Day37) I stayed in Tucson.

Wednesday morning I woke up and did my routine of Unsweetened Iced Tea and downloads but I went to the McDonalds that is south of Tucson and on my way to the opening day of the Tubac Festival of The Arts.  This is the McDonalds that I went to the day before because the Internet speed was so good.

This is my third year coming to Tubac for this festival.  I so enjoy the town and event.

See link for details:

Tubac is a very small town that attracts people for the shops, dining and slow easy pace.  There is a retirement community directly adjacent that helps with the economy.

The streets on the map above are lined for this festival with vendors from all over many are the artists selling their own creations.

Of course all the fixed stores and galleries are open too and you can enjoy the variety of architecture that the town offers.

Special architectural appointments are always interesting to see in this day and age where such items are often seen to costly due to labor costs and removed from designs.

There is a lot of color to see too.

There are also a few yard art places that add to the variety of stores here.

I have come to look for uniqueness and quality and this vendor takes silver forks and makes the nicest bracelets.  They are one of a kind and so well done that there is no comparison with what I have seen elsewhere.  I have bought from them last year and did so again this year.

Another artist that I was compelled to patronize was this woman who does a wonderful job with glass jewelery.  Unique but simple and at the same time complex  in the amount of work she has to put in to make these one of a kind creations.

There are all sorts of vendors/artists from many unique jewelers to sculptures like this above to leatherwork, to painters, photographers, stone work, and so on.

My eye is always out for the unique, but I respect the artist's originality not to take and share photos of their work.  

No festival would be without a food area.  The food here also ran the gamut of type and variety. There is a center courtyard behind buildings that makes a convenient place to keep the food together.

I spent 2 hours touring, but I could have spent all day.  I would have liked to have had lunch at one of the few restaurants, but it was time for me to move on to my next adventure.

If you are ever in the area this time of year and want to check out the event, the local community folks charge $8.00 to park but if you can't afford this you can walk a bit.

Of course Tubac is great all by itself and does have a state park in the town that I have reviewed in my previous years travels.


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