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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tucson to Quartzsite 2/10/16 - (Day 38)

After leaving Tubac Festival Of The Arts, south of Tucson, I headed to Quartzsite, AZ for the night. (See separate post on Tubac)

There was an accident that shut down I19 north to Tucson and this resulted in my trip being that much longer having to get off the highest and take side streets.

already knew that I was going to hit afternoon traffic in Phoenix

As I passed this tanker truck I noticed something in the parabolic image reflecting off the back.

There I am in my Prius on the left hand side.

I arrived in Quartzsite and stayed on BLM land down the road from where the RTR was.  I arrived just early enough to make camp and eat and clean up before the sunset.

Here is another great sunset.

Although near the highway I slept very well as I was in a hollow and the sound was above me.


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