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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Golden Corral - Sunday Prime Rib Special

I may eat out once a week when I travel but haven't been out that much on this trip choosing to cook my own meals.

The hike up Wasson Peak today was a great workout and I wasn't much interested in cooking after that so my  thoughts turned to going out to eat.  

I had seen the sign that the Golden Corral had a weekend prime rib special.

I don't generally go to buffet restaurants and generally don't like sitting at a table by myself.  I have a thing about bothof them.  I generally opt for restaurants with bars to sit at.  These two things I put aside today and went to the Corral.

The price was right and I was hungry so I could eat as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted.  I did make two trips for prime rib and a variety of other things.

Now I was tired and stuffed.



  1. I'm sure your son was jealous!!! He loves that restaurant, but I won't eat there anymore :-)

    1. Manina, it's not my first choice but the price & prime rib was right