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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Big Changes At Laundromat

After the Tucson Rodeo Parade I went to the local laundromat for my weekly clothing wash and dry.  Good thing I planned this today, because of the young kid who sprayed me with Seven-up added to my load needing washing. See Rodeo Parade Post for details.

Outside the laundry were all the small washing machines and inside was the woman attendant cleaning the floor where the washers were before the new ones replace them.

I was met by the attendant when I walked in with her pleasant smile.  I have been here doing laundry for the last three years, so we kind of know each other, but not by name.  She speaks Spanish and we have usually said our welcome and goodbye and that's about it.

Today, she didn't need to convey that the small washers were be replaced, as this was obvious, but that they are getting rid of the chip card system.  I said last day?  She says yes - Quarters, meaning machines will use coins tomorrow.

I lucked out as I needed a 35 pound washer today as I needed to clean more clothing than expected because of the spraying seven-up can.  The bigger machines still use the card that I have $7.00 on.

I'm glad I came in today as I don't know if my $7.00 preloaded card would be transferable tomorrow and my Spanish my not have conveyed it after the fact.

Here is the dryer card reader that charges $.25 per cycle.

Another good thing is that it cost me $7.00 to do all my wash and drying and I ended up with no extra money on the card.


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