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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oro Valley Festival Of The Arts - 2/27/16 (Day 55)

I noticed on a Tucson website that the Oro Valley Festival of the Arts was Saturday.  I haven't been to this festival in the past so I wanted to check it out since it was billed as having 150 vendors.

I arrived early as people were just getting here.  The festival is in a side strip mall parking lot, which makes for easy parking.

There were a number of different vendors than I have seen at other events, like these two woman who make stylish high quality hats.  I saw prices in the $160 range.  They are very nice.

Another different vendor was this man who makes jewelery from antique dishes.  He has a nice verity.

Then I saw these prehistoric crocodile fossils.  Very odd thing on the rock vendor table.  They almost look that they could be made.  I'm not saying they were .

Here is the woman who makes magnificent simple glass jewelery wit so much detail inside, that I wrote about from the Tubac Festival.

I always try to put some color in, so here is a yard art vendor.

The fair was nice with a lot of different things, including a number of southwestern art that would go well in houses here.  This is a high-end fair with quality products and matches the people that generally live in Oro Valley.

If you are looking for something to do or for such items you should attend.  It was nice but I liked The Tubac so much better for the number and variety of things to see.

There were various food vendors and children bounce items but the crowd I saw were mostly people with grown children.  Therefore not many children were bouncing.


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