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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Laundry & Paul's Reader's Oasis Books

Thursday 2/11/16 - (Day 39)

This morning waking up in Quartzsite, AZ, I decided to do the laundry early and then visit the US Post Office and send another package home with some items I no longer need to carry.

I had been to this laundromat a few weeks before but neglected to see the advertisement on the wall above of Paul Winer's, Reader's Oasis Books. 

I first ran into Paul on my first year of Travels in 2014 in Havasu City, AZ.  He was walking on the pomade, where Spring Break goers hang out, at the waters edge, just south of The London Bridge.

Paul was dressed in his usual - Just a thong.  Or as some refer to as a sock as it is a better descriptor of the tube that covers his man part. 

At this time I did not know of Paul's fame or novelty.  After some research I had no problem finding information about him

Here is a link to information on Paul and his bookstore.

I enlarged this portion of the above advertisement to highlight Paul holding his colorful socks.  It's good to know he washes all his socks here.

Colorful socks for a colorful person.


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