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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Other End Of Ruby Road

I set out today Saturday, 2/20/16 (Day 48) by planning to go to Arivaca, AZ, the other end of Ruby Road (Forest Service Road #39).  See my other post on Ruby Road that I was on the other day.

I hadn't completed Ruby Road the other day, as I had to turn around due to a water hazard in the dirt road I couldn't cross.  It was too rough for the Prius and I was bottoming out when I tried.

My goal was to finishing the rest of the road I didn't complete, but in the opposite direction.

After heading south on I19 from Tucson, I got off in the hamlet of Valley Manor.

I passed through a very small border patrol station the opposite direction from having to be checked.

(The google route I was originally planning to take.)

The road was flat to slightly rolling all the way to Arivaca, where the smallest Saturday market was being set up to match the size of the town.

In Arivaca I head south to Ruby.

I pass the same kinds of signs that I had seen the day I traveled on the other end of 39.

And then....... a low vehicle clearance hazard about 7 miles south of Arivaca.  This is not the one I couldn't get through the other day with water.  I was a few miles short of where I turned around.

The wash crosses the road here and the surface gravel is missing and although you can't tell from the picture the ruts are at least 6" deep.  Well over what I could handle with the Prius.

Well, I got to see as much of this road as possible with a Prius without using my new mini-shovel to move a lot dirt to level the roads to get through.

With this plan interrupted I decided to head over to AZ 286 to visit Sasabe, AZ. A very small border town with a crossing into Mexico with a town of the same name.

See separate post about Sasabe and the Buenos Ares National Wildlife Refuge.


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