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Monday, February 15, 2016

Havasu Swap Meet

My Havasu friend also suggested the Sunday Swap Meet to see while I'm in town.  Somewhere in the middle of the US the terminology changes from Flea Market to swap meet.  It could make a good sociology paper. I saw nothing being swapped.

From AZ 95 I could see that it was crowded so I parked a bit away by the London Bridge and made my way over.

I generally do not go to our flea markets st home, as at this point of my life I am looking to divest stuff that would go on one of these tables.

So I looked for unique and found this hot tub for sale ready to be delivered to your place,

I've never thought of looking for a mattress at a swap meet but here it is.

Then we have the more classic items.  One may want something from this table as an ornament.  Not me!

Here is a novelty.  Beer cans made into spinning weathervanes.  It was the right day as it was gusting into the 20's mph.  They were interesting but not compelling.

I couldn't find anything I would want here.

Yes that is a woman pushing a stroller with her dog in it. Interesting.

Living a minimalist life in my Prius means everything that comes into the Prius has to have a purpose / usefulness/ or bring happiness in someway.  When it looses one of these it leaves the Prius.

I will do a separate post on my purchase (above) at the Havasu Swap Meet.

I'm a need vs want person.  I've bought a few things during my travels and where are they now?  That's right, back home as they serve no purpose for me in my Prius.  The same thing happens to gifts to take home.

I use flat rate boxes from the post office and stuff some clothing I no longer need in 80 deg weather and send it home.



  1. You didn't buy the beer can weather vane for Brent?? His two favorite things!

  2. You didn't buy the beer can weather vane for Brent?? His two favorite things!

    1. Manina,

      Sadly, I thought about getting Brent one but when living in a Prius there is no extra room and being thin aluminum I don't think it could survive.