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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Disbursed Camping Rules - More than Cat Holes

(WIKI Photo)

My recent post about disbursed camping rules for disposal of human waste brought me one comment about the hole (aka "cat hole") size that should be dug.

I dig mine at least 6 inches deep and the diameter depends on my trowel or shovel and the type of soil.

This question and answer brings up many more potential questions and answers. 

I.e. Q: What do you do with toilet paper? A: it gets carried out and doesn't go in the hole.

I am not the best to answer all the questions or potential questions.

There is a very good website called Leave No Trace that can help with all the questions and answers.

I will not copy and post as they have copyright terms that need to be followed.

Here is LNT's site for human waste and cat holes (principle 3)

There are 7 principles

Please check out their website and get the whole story about leaving no trace.

Happy disbursed camping.


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