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Monday, February 29, 2016

Indian Bread Rocks - BLM


South of Bowie, AZ on I10 (see separate post) and north of Fort Bowie National Monument (see separate post) and 3 miles off on a dirt road west you are at Indian Bread Rocks BLM picnic area.

My RTR friend Dave in his Prius mentioned this place to stay.  Being in the area I decided to check it out.

When I arrived there was a pick up truck with cattle a trailer but no one around except the cattle.  

Watch out where you step as there are cow flops all around as this is open range.

Although designated as picnic area, there is no problem from what I see from camping nearby.  

There are a few places on the way in and a few immediately past the picnic area entrance.

I drove past the picnic area to see about other spots.  I drove about an 1/8th of a mile and its narrow and often soft sand.  I got nervous with my low clearance Prius. I decided to go back.  With the narrow width road and soft sand there was no turning around, so I back up the 1/8 mile to the picnic area.

Don't go past the picnic area unless you check where you plan to turn around first.  I didn't feel like hiking the road as the cattle were already eying me in my Gold Prius as I drove down the dirt road past the picnic area.

It's a nice picnic area and plenty of rocks for kids and adults that are kids at heart to climb.  I had lunch here.

The pit toilet was clean and appeared to be maintained.

There is a lot to explore.

Or climb.

I was thinking of staying but I could not get a cell signal.  This. spot is tucked in the canyon at the edge of the mountains.

If I stayed on the road coming in I had service, but I would have liked to stay next to the picnic area and no cell is problematic for me.

It's a nice place but bring food and water as the town of Bowie has very little to offer for services.



  1. Is that smoke in the last picture? Seems like an odd direction for the cloud to be going compared to the other clouds.

    1. Brent,

      Don't think it is smoke. I'm guessing contrail.