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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sabino Canyon Road - Performance Hike

I was looking at an evening hike on and the hike would be an evening hike with one group leaving at 6:15 pm and another leaving at 7:00.

The 6:15 group would hike at a pace of 3 mph to the end of the road 3.7 miles up and rest a few minutes and head back down, trying to do this in 2.5 hours.

The 7:00 group would hike out 2 miles and return at a slower pace. Returning about the same time (8:45).

Both groups would meet up when they were done and go to a nearby restaurant for some social time.

I thought about joining the hike although it would be a bit late when done and also dark, but it's a wide asphalt road so I didn't have to worrying about tripping on some rock at night.

Now I thought about what group I would fit in.  I generally hike around 3 mph, but can I for 7.4 miles?

Well, I needed to go out for a performance test on this actual road to test my limits.  

Wednesday, 2/17 (Fay 45) was the day to get up early and go to the federal park and do my hike to see if 3 mph was in my ability.

I artived at the park just befor 8:00 am and since I have the senior pass I didn't have to pay the day use fee.  Just have to put my pass on the dash of the car.

Other than slowing for water crossing the road and taking a few pictures I was straight out to the end of the road generally pushing myself to a steady pace. A couple other more fit people passed me.  I need more conditioning!

Hiking early gives plenty of morning shade even leaving at 8:00.

I made it to the 3.7 mile marker at the end before the first tram made its way up and it took me 1 hour 10 minutes.  You can pay for a tram ride one way and hike down or hike a trail up and get a ride back.  

I did a meetup group hike here last year where we hiked up a trail and walked back the road.

Well my push up the hill paid off as my time is over 3 mph.  The question is will my return time keep me in the hiking group.

The 7:00 group would be on pace for 2.5 mph for their 4 miles.  3 mpg seems like a good workout for me and 2.5 a bit slow, but much less push.

Back down I go and the morning sun is now on the river and small falls.

Im back to the beginning!

Here is my hike.  7.8 miles at 2 hours 21 min.

Yea that's 3.3 mph round trip with a 10 mini break so I can do the fast group with a round trip of 2.5 hours. 

Only problem is my feet didn't hold up in new boots very well.  This will be subject for another blog.


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