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Monday, February 22, 2016

Sears Park - Disc Golf

Monday I went to get the 10,000 mile service on my Prius and they wanted to check the alignment, so I needed to go back in the afternoon.  See separate post on my Prius service experience.

This meant that I had time to try out the Sears Golf Course, not far from the Toyota Dealer.

This will be the first time I play this course that has some good and not so good things, but overall I was happy to be throwing discs.

The course is laid out in the shape of a narrow dogleg.  If you look close at the picture there is a black mark and white mark for each basket showing the front or back throw to the basket.

The good:

- There is nobody at the park/course when I was there on a weekday

- The course next to a mall so for those that don't like shopping but someone in your family does, you just park at the mall and walk around the wall and play.

- It is laid out nicely and although the tee boxes mostly have small flags to mark them they are not hard to find as these are the spots where grass is missing.

The no so good:

- The course is in a park and that means that when the two ball fields are being used some baskets are unusable.

- The course is narrow so the street is out of bounds and there is a 6' wall to the mall side and no good way to get your disk back without going all the way around.  It can be played with some conservative throws.

- The baskets are used twice 2x9=18.  This didn't affect me as there wasn't anyone else.

Above you can see the width of the course, with the street byt he utility pole on the left and the wall with the mall on the other side on the right.

I got my disc stuck in the tree by the telephone pole.  My hiking pole was just short and I couldn't find something to stand on.  I have 1/2 plastic pipe in the Prius for a privacy frame that I have not used yet.

Well, until now.  I slid the 1/2" pipe over the tip of the pole and did get enough length to get the disc down.

A parks worker cam by in a pickup truck to collect the trash from the barrels and he had a step ladder but I had gotten my disc down by then.

I would give the course a 2.5 out of a 5.  I would also play it again some weekday.


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