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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quartzsite Petroglyphs

I was encouraged to hear of Petroglyphs in the area that it seemed I could get relatively close to.  I had stopped at the Painted Rocks Petroglyphs north of I8 west of Gila Bend, AZ during my previous Travels and thought it would be fun to check these out.

The first challenge was getting there.  I had descriptive directions and GPS coordinates.  I found the GPS coordinates more helpful but the road getting there would only take me so far.

I'm starting to get the message that my Prius my be to low to the ground but so far so good

The Petroglyphs are on BLM land on LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) where you pay $180 for 6 months or $40 for 14 days.  There are some services here.

I stay in the non LTVA area with no services and limited to 14 days and no cost.

Day use is permitted if not camping on LTVA area.

Here is the turn on BLM road 619

I'm showing you the main road that is well maintained as dirt and the turnoff to the road to the petroglyphs.

They grade the main road making a brim at intersecting roads and since most have four wheelers that enter here there is no issue for them.  

Luckily there has been enough traffic to round off the brim and I just get off the main road rubbing one spot midway underneath my low Prius.

This is one of the reasons I'm thinking of getting a lightweight camper for my Tacoma.

I ready to walk the rest of the way as the road is no longer passable for anything other than a four wheeler.

It's desert and flat with these bush trees.

I arrive at the dry stream bed where I need to start looking for the petroglyphs.

I find them a short distance further downstream.

I had a number of emotions about seeing that the petroglyphs had mostly been destroyed by raiders of these 1000 year old symbols of the past.

Above you can see how the rocks have been removed for someone to take home and leave less enjoyment for the next person who comes along.

Native Amaricans drew on these rocks along the river leaving a bit of their history and life behind for us.  People now take it away leaving their mark of destruction. 

If you look close there are petroglyphs that are faint and with future years the stories they told will be lost

Being frustrated with my mixed feelings I decide to scale this steep hill in the the flat desert.

To my east is the LTVA camping

Below me a view of the rocks cut by running water and the messages of those who had lived here so long ago.

Now four wheel off road vehicles drive all over the area gaining enjoyment from their ride.  I get my enjoyment from the walk.

Here is my saved hike on the AllTrails app.  You can see my assend and defend of the hill on the graph above.


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