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Friday, January 1, 2016

Feelings About - 2016 Travels

I've traveled solo for the last two years (2014 & 2015) for 3.5 months each.  As I prepared for my 2016 a Travels I wonder why I have the same uneasy feelings that come before I leave.  Each year the feelings seem to start closer to the time I leave and aren't as strong.  I would have figured facing my second year in the Prius I wouldn't have faced the uneasiness of leaving.  

The feelings about leaving are all natural and not strong, but the feelings about leaving are stronger this year with the anticipationattending the RTR.  For people considering solo traveling, having a focal point to see as a goal is important.

Long gone are the anxieties of traveling solo across the country and finding a safe place to stop for the night.  If you are reading this and you are looking to travel solo too keep in mind that the feelings of being pulled forward and the uneasiness of leaving are natural.

It's important to note that once I drove away I knew the adventure had begun.  There are always lots of unknowns that may or not become reality.  Overcoming any fears you have to leave are quickly replaced on the road by the adventures you create.

If traveling is something you are considering you need to be comfortable with yourself.  Accept that things will happen and you will get through them.  I recommend focusing on the good and not the problems that come up.  Your trip will be so much more enjoyable.  Your planning should include online reading of the many before you that have done the work on their vehicles and how they cope on the road.

On the road we seem to be a group of people just like in any town.  We have different personalities and some few people you meet may become friends, many become acquaintances.  Most do their own thing and some travel in very small groups.  This is why you need to be good living with yourself as this is how you spend most of your time.

I also enjoy writing about my travels and this gives me a focus and purposeful travels.  This conbined with my work teaching as an adjunct professor keep me plenty busy.  The other main occupier  of my time is the daily routine that we have as individuals.

My travel suggestion is to look for the good in all that you do and see.  Just like enjoying the sunset above.


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