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Monday, January 18, 2016

Slab City - East Jesus

After my visit to Salvation Mountain I went further into Slab City to visit the artist enclave of East Jesus.

There are so many pieces of art made from artifacts or trash I can't show them all here.

This is the hood of an old car covered with electronic circuit boards.

Along with using discarded items made into art, their compound beyond the public garden is private living space.

This is art and not someone's house.

This is one of four sides with a messages on them.

There is all kinds of art including this pinnicle.

These three woman were in the private living area getting a tour when I arrived.  When they came out the guy that was giving the tour set them up on this see saw.

This creature is white from what looks like raw cotton.

Lastly a bottle wall.

East Jesus website:



  1. That is a pretty unique place!!

  2. That is a pretty unique place!!

    1. Manina,

      After hearing about Slab City I wanted to get a first hand experience vs believing everything on the Internet.