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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What Route Will I Take

I have gotten a lot of questions in what route I will take to get to Quartzsite, AZ for the RTR.

There are 4 route possibilities. Although I asked Google to get me to El Paso, TX as this gets me south out of NM and AZ high country.

1. Shortest go to St Louis, MO to Oklahoma City, and I40 on to Mew Mexico and Arazona.  This is the coldest route and can be the snowiest.

2. Head over through PA to WV into KY and TN followed by AR and on to Texas to pick up I20 to I10 

3. Head down to Harrisburg, PA and down I81 and over to Chattanooga, TN then AL and TX either I20 or south to I10

4. Lastly and the longest route by at least a days travel vs the shortest is down the east cost on I95 and then decide to diagonal through Atlanta, GA or go to Jacksonville, FL to pick up I10 to Quartzsite.

My route is all weather dependent as I will avoid winter weather whenever I can.

Right now Monday when I leave looks like this and I like it as it gets me started in good weather.  I can get to Ohio the First day this way going straight.

Tuesday afternoon is still looking great but the front moving east I don't want to hit it where snow is possible.  I would be in Missouri the second day.

Wednesday afternoon I'm in rain and if I pick up I40 to northern NM I will hit snow.

So although we are a ways out from having a fixed forecast next week it looks like a modified route like #2, the one Google gave me above, with me heading through KY, TN, AR and into Texas picking up I10 and going through El Paso.


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