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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cell Phone Booster Review

Last year during my 2015 Travels I went many places where there was no cell coverage and it was difficult to blog, text, email, web surf, etc.  I was not be able to do these things many parts of days and at nights.  I would need to stop for long periods of the day when I had coverage. I have AT&T as a carrier.

In Quartzsite at the RTR this year there were so many people in the area that they taxed the cell phone system.  Even with 3 & 4 bars of 4G service, in the evening there were times when I could only text and one night only talk.

I would often get a message that says can't activate cellular network or can not access data.

One day I monitored the network as I drove to town workin on the college course I am teaching.  The closer I got to the cell tower the better response I got.

I connected my Wilson cell amplifier that I bought before my trip and I was able to move from 4G to LTE service thus increasing my throughput, although in the evening it was slower.

After the RTR I spent 3 days at Slab City where the signal was inconsistent without the amplifier getting 3-4 bars of 4G.  Using the cell amplifier I again started to get 4 bars LTE service although service wasn't always consistent.

This is the 3 inch antenna that came with the amplifier.  With a bit of research I found that this small antenna is best for data, where the 12 inch center-loaded are just a little better tuned for voice.

I had an older model Wileon Amplifer that didn't cover all the frequencies this one does.  With two lights green and two red I am getting 2-3 bars of LTE without the amplifier and 5 bars of LTE here in the desert of southern California.

A one day test before I left home in MA I drove through southern New Hampshire and Vermont and kept a signal where I have dropped calls in the past.

Blogging as much as I do and uploading pictures it's great to have the better coverage.  The only drawback is the approx  $450 cost, but since I work in the road it is a great help.


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