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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 16 - (1/19/16) - The Slabs, CA to Algodones, Mexico

Morning breaking at The Slabs.

Oh no! 1/6 of my Travels for 2016 is over.  Oh wait I have 5/6 of my travels in front of me.

Time to head out for a 2 hour drive south and east towards Yuma, AZ to visit Algones, Mexico today.

Getting brighter outside as I head south on CA111

Ah the first peak of sun befor I hit I8 west and it will be directly in my eyes.

I had a good morning and lunch in Algodones, Mexico wandering around trying to figure everything out.  See separate blogpost.

On my way back on I 8 I pass the southern end of the Imperial Dunes.

I stop to check out this hot springs along I8. By here is a LTVA campground there.

There were people in the spring inside the fence so I refrained from photographs.

Here is where the water flows out of the spring.  It is flowing so not stagnant.

This a beautiful oasis.  Kind of like what I saw in movies as a kid in the Sahara Desert.

After checking it out I headed back to The Slabs for the night.


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