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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 3 - (1/6/16) - MS to TX

I woke up after 5 hours sleep at 3:30 central time at the MS welcome rest area outside of Meridian, MS on the AL border and drove many hours before my daily morning stop at McDonalds for unsweetened iced tea and downloads. 

So far the WIFI at McDonald's have not been fast enough to download more than one or two podcasts so luckily I am still working off all the podcasts I downloaded at home. 

Here I am well into LA on my way through the BIG state of Texas.

The only city I drive through is Jackson, MS and only minor traffic.  I do drive through the Dallas / Fort Worth area but only on the outskirts.

Finally I get to Texas but my day is only half done as my plan is to get well into Texas to take advantage of the mild temperatures ahead of me in MM before the next front cones through.

I do have some light rain to drive through in TX but it was very light.

I haven't been through northern Texas for a long time and unlike the rolling hills west of San Antonio in southern TX it is relatively flat here.

I end up picking a rest area in northwestern TX (Westbrook) for the night, west of Colorado City and east of Big Spring.  I still had some daylight and I cooked some hotdogs for dinner.  I made them by boiling water in my 12 volt pot and cutting the hotdogs to fit in a short insulated container and letting them sit for a half hour.  I had some macaroni salad that I had bought at home before my trip and that was dinner. 

This was a second long drive day putting on 733 miles from MS at the AL border to northwestern TX.


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