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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Borrego Springs

(Picture of local guide)

Just up CA 78 from Ocotillo Wells Recreation Area where I was camping is Borrego Springs and more great disbursed Camping.

Nestled in the Anza-Borrego Springs State Park is the town of Borrego Springs.

Friday morning first thing in the AM I took the drive up to the town to check it out.

On the way into town metal artwork starts to show up along the side of the road and then a bit off the road in the desert.  There are many types of metal sculptures depicting western life and ancient animals that roamed the earth in this location millions of years ago.

For information about the aer and more pictures see the following link.

It was just 9:00 arriving in the center of town (Christmas Circle)

I walked around and talked to a few of the vendors and bought a couple small things.

(Picture of State Park Brochure)

I got this brochure from the visitors center at the Ocotillo Wells State Recreation Area Visitors office that gave me the idea of checking out the area.

(Picture of map of Anza-Borrego Springs State Park land)

You can see the top center gray area.  This is the town.  The park is just huge and yes others than the few Park campgrounds it is all free disbursed camping.

Here are the published Primative (Disbursed) camping rules.

I arrived at the visitors center just west of the center of town and spoke with the ranger staff.

Here is a list of formal campgrounds.  The ones with dollars are fee based.  The rest are campgrounds but limited facilities.

For me the Ocotillo Wells Area where I was staying was great as it was free and had cheap clean showers flush and pit toilets that were great too, but there is no water so a drive into Borrego Springs to the visitor center of the park there is free water at the spigot next to the bathroom for that purpose. 

The message is that if you disburse camp at either state location you can share the services of both and have what you need all free!

I took off for a few hours to climb the mountains between here and San Diego to visit Julian, CA for their famous pies.  (See separate blog on Julisn Pies)

Upon my return to Borrego Springs I met up with MJ (not her real name) that I had met at the RTR as she had said she may be coming to Borrego Springs.  I had sent her an email while in Julian and she was in town so we met in the center of town on Christmas Circle.  It was nice to catch up with her since last week.

Since there is no McDonalds in town we spent an hour at the library for Internet.

We also went shopping at the local market for some supplies.  I got a small package of pork ribs and a small package of chicken breast strips gor under $6.00.

MJ had offered for me to stay on Anza-Borrego Springs State land disbursed camping but the spot she had (picture above) didn't have AT&T service for me to blog, so I went back to Ocotillo Wells where I had spent the previous night.  (See separate blog on my experience at Ocotillo Wells)

Here is another metal sculpture as you enter town.



  1. That is cool that the boundary of the park (as shown on the map) is in the shape of a horse. I wonder if they did that by design.

    1. I didn't see the image in the map until you pointed this out. Interesting catch.