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Monday, January 18, 2016

Slab City - Salvation Mountain

As you enter Slab City you can't miss this monolith called Salvation Mountain on the right.  Although more of a knoll than a mountain it is artistic with a message, or should I say a lot of messages.

When I arrived in early afternoon on The Martin Lither King Holiday, it was being visited by about 30 people.

There is a yellow stripe painted that is well worn and covered with blowing dirt in places that is there to try to get people to follow so they are shown the way to climb the mountain.

Arrivjng at the top of Salvation Mountain I found that it is high enough to see some distance as everything is relatively flat in all directions.

This is looking off to the top of the mountain.

A walk across the top of Salvation Mountain lets you peek through the top of a smaller hill.  From this angle it looks unfinished or partially falling down.

On the top is this saying and it immediately made me think of a vandweller that I know who often says something similar.  I guess it depends on how you do it.

A close up look at some of the artwork. 

Off to the right of the main mountain there is a smaller structure to the right thst blends into the larger mountain.  

Inside is a large number of tangled tree branches that supports the upper sides.

Below are small rooms with various art and designs 

Discarded items are melded into the art.

All kinds of items are painted with messages.

A car with a message.

Then a truck with a message are all part of the displays at Salvation Mountain.

Below are websites about Salvation Mountain.


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