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Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 5 - (1/8/16) - Tucson

(Web photo)

About a thousand miles ago I was getting the notice that it was time for my Prius to have its oil changed.

The Prius maintenance manual says to service the vehicle every 5,000 miles, nut oil is not a listed item.

Here is the 5,000 maintence list.

The oil specifically listed to be changed every 10,000 miles. 

If you ask Toyota service managers you may get 5,000 or 10,000.  For warranty purposes it's oil change every 10,000.

I have always changed my vehicle oil earlier than listed as I think it is important to the health of the engine but going over 5,000 was not a concern.

Since I will be driving a lot more and not always around a dealer, who I would rather change the oil other than myself, I took the Prius to one of the two Toyota dealers for service.  Actually I went to the same dealer I have used last year on my 2015 Travels.

I arrived exactly at 7:00 when they opened.  It was dark and I told the service attendant I only wanted the oil changed & tire rotation.

He says ok and I sign the work order but couldn't see in the dark.  I went to the lounge and saw that he wrote green service for &106.03.  What!

So I walked out to see him and had a conversation and he said they made changes the first of January for pricing and that was the only way to do it.  I didn't believe it and I figured I would let my feet do the talking next time. 

(Web photo)

Using their free wifi I checked the competition (other Tucson Toyota Dealer) and l see a coupon.

I wait for the service rep to let me know my Prius was done and said I wanted to show him something and showed the picture above.  He said email it to him.  

When I checked out my bill was reduced as shown above.  I explained to the service rep that I appreciated the reduction.

I don't like to be taken advantage of and if I am I will use my feet to find another place to go for my service.

(Web photo)

After my Prius was serviced I headed over to the Pilot truck stop for a shower for $12.00.

The Pilot showers are consistently the same good quality.

On the way to get my shower I noticed a large column of smoke from the airbase.

I've seen smoke from the base before and I believe it to be a training fire.

After my shower I headed to the laundromat to handle my wash for the week and I met the woman that runs the place. We briefly speak and I think she remembers me from last year.

Then it's oft to Walmart for some groceries for my trip to Quartzsite as there isn't very food shopping near where I will be at the vandweller gathering. 

By now it's getting near sunset and I head to my parking place for the night.

You have to live the sunsets out here.


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