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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reverse Migration of RTR

For the RTR "The Big Tent" is kind of the culmination of the gathering.  Although people come and go during the RTR gathering, the core population has been here this past week.  

Over the last couple of days the group has dwindled only a bit and some left early before sunrise at 8:00 for the last couple of days.

There are people that took off from work to come for a short time and are headed back to work.  There are those like Sue who stopped by and was looking for work and left for an interview and job up the road in Havasu.  There are some headed south towards Yuma, AZ for a little warmer desert stay.  Then there are others that are moving to other BLM land in the area.  Some move together and some solo.

Officially the RTR ends on Tuesday 1/19 but some have BLM passes that slow them to stay longer.  Bob being the good steward for the group will get some help in policing the area to meet the goal of pack in - pack out.

I attended my last campfire Sunday night as I was at a crossroads of sorts as I have a few places to visit before I head north to Monterey, CA to visit my west coast son and family.  

I'm glad I stayed Subday night as the impromptu theme of the night dubbed by Karen was "Burning Van". A pun if sorts for the more famous Burningman.

Karen spotted a piece of cardboard going unused and came up with the idea of making a van out of it and walking it around for people to sign.

It was a nice idea and everyone had fun with it, then a theme song was brought out to the tune of Ticky Tacky.  Well,  I can't carry a tune outside my Prius driving by myself so luckily others chimed in.  I had herd the song Ticky Tacky but didn't know it.

Well fun was had by many and a couple of people left early for a number of reasons including it just being a desert, but I am sure glad I went.  So many people went out of their way to talk to others and I did the same.  Some chose to park away and not participate much but it was all good.

My sights are on spending time in and around the Salton Sea about 2.5 hours west of Quartzsite where I will be reporting on more adventures.

Westward Ho!


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