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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Descending on Quartzsite

All roads and I guess contrails lead to Quartzsite, AZ.

(Photo from map in Laundromat on Main Street)

East / West is Interstate 10 with Phoenix, AZ to the east and Los Angeles about 280 miles to the west.

North / South is Highway 95 with Parker, AZ & Havasu City, to the North and Yuma, AZ & Mexico to the south.

(Photo of picture in Main Street Laundromat)

As the picture states Quartzsite is a winter RV destination.  People drive their RV's from all over the US & Canada to Quartzsite from the beginning of January to mid March, when it gets up into the 90's on a regular basis.

(Photo of BLM map)

What makes Quartzsite attractive is the proximity of BLM camping.  The Bureau of Land Management has thousands of acres of land around Quartzsite.  There are basically 2 types of BLM managed land.  

Dispersed camping with no cost, carry in/carry out with a 14 day limit and LTVA dispersed camping where you get a permit for $40 for 14 days or $180 for 6 months.  The Long term Visitor Area usually has some amenities like pit toilets, and rubbish, but these are limited.

The RTR is on the no cost land.

There is BLM land both north and south of I10

It is common for like minded folks to have groups and use this time to meet and socialize.

There may be signs like the Boomers above to direct their members to where they are as They could be anywhere.

Other groups may use flags so their members know where to go.

If the Smith's had a gathering they may just put up their name.

There is also some Arazona Trust Land that requires a fee & permit to stay on it.  There is some trust land north of the town.

The businesses that sell products and services cater to all things RV.

Oh, there are a small minority of unconventional vehicles in town too, and they add color and and a sense of imagination to the high end factory painted Class A Motorhomes 


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