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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

About My Blog

Hello blog followers,

I think it is important to cover how my blog gets published.

First I have many more good ideas and intensions than I have time to write about, since I move around do much.

I put my ideas into a new blog as a topic heading so I don't forget the idea.  I then work on my selected blogs in the evening sitting in my car after dark by sizing and merging pictures in a logical order.

Each blog averages 2 hours to create and review a couple times before publishing.  I use the app Blogger on my phone as this is where my photos are. This app is not robust for spell checking.

As you can see I have had more than one blog posting per day.  This is because I want to write about so much. If I wait on an idea I may not remember it all and my mind is yet on another idea.

This pace of gathering pictures and a story line and punishing with out an editor gives me quick posts but also means that I may miss spell words or miss phrase my words.

I often find myself waking up semireclined in my Prius bed with a blog posting yet incompletely.  I wake up and finish it, but I would guess with greater chance of errors.

So, for those of you that cringe over my mistakes after 3 years I live with them so I can bring you more about my travels.

I will correct any misleading information that I publish.

I hope this explains why you will see errors from time to time.


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  1. Hi Brent,

    I truly enjoy your entertaining and informative blog. Your writing style is casual and friendly. Thanks for sharing!