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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 2 - (1/5/16) - PA to MS - Headed for Warmer Weather

After my heated Prius experiment night at the I81 rest areas near PA,  I was on my way at 3:30 am after 5 hours sleep.  My initial travel was in the dark.  I don't mind driving in the dark on interstates, but not as much on secondary roads due to the extra caution I have to take.  

When it got light outside I made note of at least 3 large crosses on the side of the highway letting me know I was now in the Bible Belt.

I stopped to get gas at a truck stop and it was still 14 degrees well into western VA.  That is the windshield washer bucket with frozen windshield washer fluid.

It finally got up above freezing with the nice sunshine and moving further south.  Here I am in Chattanooga, TN 

Above is the Tennessee River as it winds itself through Chattanooga, before heading south into the northwest corner of GA and then into AL. 

Above is sunset just south of Birmingham, AL

I was planning to head for Beloxi, MS to spend the night at one of the casino parking lots but looked ahead at the weather and saw a window I could get to El Paso, TX by taking the northern route on I20 through Dallas, TX, so I headed into upper MS on I20 and spent the night at their Welcome Center rest area.

I drove 861 miles from just north of MD border in PA to MS just across from the AL boarder today.  It's a long drive day but I was making up for the short day of travel yesterday.

As you can tell long drives don't bother me. I did stop at a VA rest area after 4 hours of driving for a 1 hour nap.




  1. You put in a lot of miles in a short time.

  2. Joseph, yes I do have long days of driving and my drive is predicated by timing the weather.