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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 1 - (1/4/16) - MA to PA - I'm Off!

The first day of my 2016 Travels started in the afternoon after my 6 months dentist appointment.  This mid-day departure also gave me time to get my Tacoma's inspection in the morning.

Today is Monday and is also the coldest day of the year with the high of 25 degrees going down to the single digits overnight. 

The only issue of starting off late in the day was I knew I wasn't going to make it as far south as I wished.

The best news of the day was the weather.  The flurries that were being produced by the artic cold front were limited on my route and wouldn't bother my travels.  

Here the sun is setting over New York State.

As I made it into the mountains in PA before arriving in Scranton, PA it got down to 9 degrees.

I filled up with gas for the night in Willkes-Barre, PA and the temperature was 14 and a 25 mph wind.  Boy was it cold.

My first days travels got me 459 miles along my way.  I took I190 to I290 to I90 in MA to I84 into CT & NY to I81 in PA.  

In the picture below I am stopped at my overnight spot at a rest area just before the MD state line. It was very crowded with trucks but only a few brave folks in cars.

I didn't hit any traffic problems on my trip but I did see one car roll over mva on I84 in PA

It was 12 degrees with a stiff wind all night.  See separate post on staying warm in my Prius Campervan.

I got to sleep about 10 pm. I will have an early start tomorrow.


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