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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Where Solar and Shore Power Meet 1/22/18 - Day 15

Today is Monday 1/22/18 - Day 15

I know many who follow my blog are looking for information about my camper and comparison to my Prius Travels.  Here I bring together my previous posts on my FWC Shore Power and Solar come together.

Let’s start with the upper picture.

Top Left - 1 of 2 120v Shore Power outlets
Moving right
- switch for rear wireless WiFi camera and Security system
- 12v outlet dedicated for 12v Cooking
- 12v dedicated Engel fridge connector- Engle screw in recepticle (keeps outlet from working loose)
- dual 12v cig outlets that are switched (only original wiring here)
Just below top left - 120v outlet off of 400 watt pure sign wave inverter.
Moving right
- green 10 amp breaker/switch to feed original camper circuit. (Outlets above, ceiling fantastic fans, porch light, ceiling lights)
- Bioenno LiFePo4 solar charge controller 
- green 10 amp breaker for solar input to charge controller 
Third down from top left - blue seas 6 fuse panel for circuits
Moving right
- 400 watt PSW inverter

Now for down below
Left to right
- you can’t see it but to the left side of the battery is a 30 amp breaker switch for the heavy red wire going to the 400 watt PSW inverter
- new Bioenno 50 Ah LiFePo4 battery to run entire camper
- 120v Bioenno 10 amp LiFePo4 Charger for when on shore power
- watt meter plugged into quad outlets from shore power
- 120v 30 amp Shore Power circuit breaker feeding two circuits - one to each each shore power (1-duplex on wall & 2- duplex (quad) in cabinet 

So far I can run my entire FWC camper on the 50 Ah battery and solar will recharge battery before noon.

As I posted the other day I have the 12v Cooking outlet off the load side of the charge controller so it can be used to cook during the day when I have excess solar.  If solar is insufficient as it is now with sun low in the sky the battery makes up the difference.

It will be interesting when I have a full 9+ amps from the solar, as my rice cooker will not need the battery during the day.

My 400 watt PSW inverter is directly off the battery.

More on my build in future posts.

The most common question I get is how did I know how to wire all this.  Well, it is experience with my Electronic Engeering education.  

It’s what the inside of my brain looks like.


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