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Monday, January 29, 2018

Disbursed Camping / Knowing What Land Your On

So you want to boondock out west like me.  How do you know where you can go.  I am using the above paid app this year as it overlays a map of who owns the land over me.  I want to say I pad for my app and have no affiliation with the company or their employees.

It just works well.  I’m the blue dot on the picture above.  I know when I move on the yellow BLM land. It’s that simple.

Yes you can use the Public Lands App below

It works generally the same, but lacks some public lands like Arizona Trust Land that I have a permit to stay on.

Other apps like AllStays, Ultimate Campground, and Campendium, are great apps and I use them all.  They give you a place or two that you can go.  Some may have incorrect data for ownership I have found.  What they don’t do is if you get to the one or two spots they have for an area, you really don’t know that if you move a 1/2 mile further if you are still on public land you can stay on.

Another way you can find spots is the old way by stopping in the public land office for where you can park. 

I just wanted to know if I parked in a spot I was on the land I thought I was supposed to be on and the app “on X Hunt” does this for me


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