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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Quartzsite Mountain Hike and Group Photo 1/18/18 - Day 11

Today is Thursday, 1/18/18 - Day 11 and it’s time for a short hike.  I also need to shout out for two birthdays.  My mother, who is 91 and her great granddaughter Avery, who is 6.  Sorryim missing your special day.

I chose to hike Quartzsite Mountain.  If you look at the picture above there is the letter Q outlined on the Mountain. Out west here it is popular to see the Town’s initial on a high spot overlooking town.

It’s a short hike to the top but it will hive some town views.

The oicture above looks east.  White dots are campers.

Above I zoomed in to the cluster of white at the base of the mountains.  This is where the RTR is.  I park off to the left side.

At the top with downtown Quartzsite in the background.

In the afternoon there was a seminar on how to make a simple solar setup for your dwelling vehicle.

I didn’t get to the seminar on time as I met a guy driving a newer Tacoma and newer Fleet FWC camper, like mine. We shared notes on both our setups.

When I did get yo the seminar it was very basic as I expected.  My solar in my camper is working great, fully charging before noon.  I couldn’t be happier with my setup.

Here is our group at the RTR.  As I mentioned before, the RTR has become very large and hard to see and spend time with friends.  So there are neighborhoods in this 3000+ gathering.  From left to right.  David, Joanne & Cafe, Randy, Susan, and me.  

We all got along wonderfully and for our last night together Randy thought of a group picture.  Randy, thanks for the suggestion.

David took vacation time to come and I have known ourselves from prior years at RTR.  Joanne / Cafe are fulltime and I have known for a couple years and was my hiking partner last year to The Havasupai Grand Canyon and The Wave in Southern UT.  Randy is fulltime and new to us all, having met him at the opening of the RTR.  Susan is a friend from my travels last year and is like me traveling for months.

Thanks all for a great time at the RTR.

I couldn’t have captured a better sunset here at the RTR.  The moon makes it just right.

The RTR officially ends Sunday, 1/21/18.  Then there is a Woman’s RTR till the 24th.



  1. It's great to follow your adventures as always. For those that "know" you from your Prius days, how about a post discussing the pros/cons of the new rig? How are the differences in day to day life on the road? RU glad you made the change? Thinking of going back? If you had to do it all over again, would you? I think this topic would make a good post that people would be interested in.

    Your blog got me started in stealth Prius camping, which I did for 95 days last year -- having a great time! Thanks!

    1. Happy Runner,

      Your comments do have to be addressed. Some may need to wait a bit. I am ready to start discussing the change.

      I’ll leave you with this to start. I do miss my my Prius for many things and the jury is out on staying with the Tacoma/FWC camper.

      I’m glad I inspired and I was glad to help others at the small vehicle seminar.

      More in posts.

      Safe travels