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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Around Town & Small Vehicle Seminar 1/17/18 - Day 10

I met a guy in truck and FWC camper like mine at the park the other day.  I told him that I need to get a squeegee to clean off my solar panel on top of camper.

He opened his camper door and showed me a squeegee he just bought at a vendor near the “Big Tent”.

Today I went looking for the squeegee and got a telescoping squeegee for $4.00.  I did buy a few other gadgets too.

One of my friends I’m camping with at the RTR wanted an adapter to connect a 1 lb propane tank to the hose that goes to a larger tank.  I told him I had one and I decided to look for one.  When I found it I called him and sent this picture of the fitting he was looking for at K & B Tools.

Above is where I got my squeegee.  There are many Tent vendors in Quartzsite.

I joined a friend and went to the Quartzsite Senior Center for lunch.  Lunch is $3.50 and today we eat stuffed peppers.  

After lunch my friend wanted a photo of her with the local celebrity Paul the owner of the quaint bookstore in town.  I have written about Paul before in past years.  He usually does not wear shirt and pants and only a special sock to cover his privates.  Today he wore a long sleeve shirt and his special sock.

At the bookstore you can buy his music CD.  He is in a band and is playing live this Friday 1/20.

Back to more serious events.  I attended the small vehicle seminar.  My friends David, Suanne, and John, all Prius dwellers were there showing their Prius.  I was one of the original 4 to give this class, but I left the group opting for my pickup and camper this year.  They jokingly call me trader but Dave dubbed me as being on sabbatical which feels better.

Anyway, I wanted to go and meet some of my new and previous followers.  I also brought a bag of plastic clips I designed from the starter course of vinyl siding and bungee.  

I found two people willing for me to use their Prius’ to create bungee rear passenger door curtain holdbacks for their cars.

The problem:  When hanging side curtains on the inside of the Prius rear doors creates a gap between the bottom of the curtain and the door.  Every time you move in the back of the car the curtain moves.  The reason is that there is a curve in the door.  To fix the problem the clips and bungee hold the curtain up against the doors.  The clips go in under the plastic side panels around the door and the rubber gasket holds ithe clip in place. The bungee connects the two clips.

I gave away 20 or so clips and about 15 feet of bungee to those that were interested.  

Sorry I was so busy I didn’t take any pictures, but if you are interested I have previous years blog posts with pictures.

Another sunset with beautiful colors.  I don’t get tired of this.



  1. Hi. Does Susano chane prius to rav4?

    1. Hi Rima,

      Suanne is still in a white Prius. Another friend named Susan is here for the first time and in a white RAV4.


  2. Brent... Thanks for posting the pictures of my 1000 watt inverter install above in your blog. Again... it was such an honor to meet you. ~ Nancy

    1. Nancy,

      I hope your travels have been going well. I usually take pictures but I was busy answering questions and installing the clips.

      Pleas share any improvements you make and how they work out. If you post please share where you postbso I can see them.