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Friday, January 12, 2018

The RTR routine 1/12/18 - Day 5

Many more people are still arriving.  Word has it that about 1000 vehicles and 2000 people are here.  A once quaint social event is now huge!

Previously I enjoyed the relatively close proximity I could get to the center of things without feeling crunched in.  Even when I needed some space last year, I could move and walk or drive over with relative ease.  No longer is this possible.  It is more like being in a city with subsections that are neighborhoods.  I miss the ability to walk from one friend’s site to another with relative ease.

All the people that are now accumulated around us are nice and I’ve had good conversation, but I miss the Old RTR.

Well, all things do change.

The daily RTR routine comprises of the gathering at 10:00 am for comments from the leader Bob Wells and staff, follows by sub group announcements, and general Q & A.

Directly following this there is a Seminar.  Today was about Solar.  I didn’t stay as I have a good grasp of the subject from my own wirk.

The afternoon also has a seminar, and today’s is the Woman’s meeting.  Last year of the solo travelers I guessed that 1/2 were woman.  In general it feels the same.

There may be more than one seminar in the afternoon and possibly a special gathering in the evening.

The RTR is somewhat loosely divided into sections, where there is a music section, art camp, noise area for generators (some limitations on time), mediditatiin, serious illnesses, mobility.  Then there are groups of people who meet their friends and form circles and neighborhoods.

There are many campfires that coincide with the above separations.  

In addition to getting your 14 Day BLM Pass on arrival, the RTR is trying to get a number of people attending by asking for voluntary demographics.

As with last year buttons are issued to facilitate introductions and keeping track of who you meet.

As with all events that have grown over time, rules are created to address problems from past years.  This year with so many in attendance the RTR have greater scrutiny by the BLM rangers.  

You can still stay as secluded as you want as there are so many acres of desert to find a spot. You can choose how much you go to or are involved in.  

You can’t beet the low 70 degree days and 40 something degree nights we have had so far.

Regardless of my missing some friend time, it’s better than freezing in Massschusetts.

The main RTR ends on Sunday, 1/21/18 and That is the same day the Woman’s RTR starts until the 24th. Suanne who fulltimes in the white Prius (have discussed Suanne in my prior years posts) is heading up the Woman’s gathering.

After the morning gathering, I headed back to camp and continue to work on things.  Although my truck and camper are well organized, there are details that need to be addressed from my list that weren’t completed at home before leaving.  

I also blew a 15 amp fuse on my truck running an inverter.  

It is also recommended that opening the hood on the engine when around the campsite to reduce the chance of varnints making a home.

I had put a bunch of things in a pillow case at the last minute before I left home that didn’t have a fixed home in the camper. I have worked on finding homes for the items.

I was to put a heavy duty wire with outlet in a friend’s vehicle but I am still looking for the best place to run the wire.

The RTR has 3 tarps that people put free usable items on for others to take.  Roxy is heading up the management of the items to prevent it being a dumping spot for junk.  Roxy is fulltime in her all wheel van and she has a great blog ( with many hikes to beautiful places.

I brought 4 things over today for the free pile.  In the couple hours I was there they were gone.  I picked up a metal trivet for my butane one burner stove to protect my small round pot from sliding off the four burner arms.

Tonight I give you a view of the mountains to the west with the town of Quartzsite, AZ below.  Picture was taken from my campsite.


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