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Monday, January 29, 2018

Solar / Batteries For My FWC Truck Camper

I saw this Facebook post above and I had to point out about the difference in technology that exists for batteries tied to solar systems.

OMG!  1100 lbs of batteries.  My camper when purchased has a sticker weight of 585 lbs.  My Tacoma has a load weight of 900 lbs.  

The batteries that they installed above give 330 Ah

Because you can’t draw these lead acid batteries down all the way,  there is only 165 Ah available to use (rule of thumb on lead acid batteries is 1/2 the listed Ahs.

In comparison my battery above is a Lithium (LiFePo4) 50 Ah battery is 13.6 lbs and I can use all 50 Ah without damaging it.

Now let’s say you wanted to replace that 1100 lbs of lead acid batteries with lithium like what I have.

You need 165 Ah usable.  Let’s say we come close at 150 Ah.

So you would buy the 150 Ah battery (below) for a weight of 41.1 lbs.  You save carrying 1050 lbs and all that space and managment of checking all those lead acid batteries.

I can only imagine the cost of fuel of carrying all those batteries on a trip.

I took out the 100 Ah AGM (lead acid) battery that came with my camper that weighed about 80 lbs and opted for LiFePo4 technology and a lot less weight.



  1. I think the AGM batteries are 330 ah each. Quantity of 12.

    1. Doug,

      The AGM batteries in the referenced article are 330ah as you suggest. Not all AGM batteries are the same size and ah. It is generally accepted that only half the lead acid Ah are usable, unlike LiFePo4 that you can use all the rated capacity.

      Thanks for following