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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Last Day on CO River 1/23/18 - Day 16

Last day on CO river in Ehrenburg, AZ before moving on.

This is Tuesday, 1/23/18 - Day - 16 since leaving San Diego.  It’s been chilly at night so I have lowered my camper roof to save heat.  Chilly for me here is in the 30’s.  I’m completely warm in my 0 degree sleeping bag, but closing the roof will keep the inside 5-8 deg warmer.

Yes I started with the final picture of the day in this post.

It’s Tuesday and time for laundry at the Ehrenburg Laundromat.  No crowds or lines here.  They have showers for $8.00 too as well as a market.

Yesterday, 1/22/18 I was in Blythe, CA to give the Tacoma and camper a bath.

The dust in Quartzsite was bad and I needed to spray it off.  The water ran off brown.

After the bath for the camper I visited the Blythe Library.  They have a pass code they gave me for WiFi and it was very good.  I downloaded many podcasts for my travels.

When I was in Los Algodones, Mexico I bought some gifts.  Today Tuesday, was a good day to get a US P.O. prepaid box to send them home.

Some days require doing things others than just hanging by the Colorado River.


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