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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Talent Show & Burning Van 1/20/18 - Day 13

Today is Saturday, 1/20/18 - Day 13.

From 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm there was a talent show.  Not a contest.  The quality of the playing and singing was great and well worth braving the cold temperatures that came in this weekend.

In response to the question of how many in the crowd were new to the RTR this year I figure 60% raised their hands.

There it is Burning Van.  I was a bit disappointed in that the ArtCamp’s van was dismantled to be burnt rather than burnt whole.  The word spreading around the crowd was that it was too big with all the people.

If that was the logic they were right as even burning pieces created showers of sparks down wind.

There you have it.  The end of another RTR.  A very large RTR.  As I mentioned I thought the RTR lost something for me, in growing this year, and that was the ability to catch up by seeing people that you knew because we were all close.  

I would hmjust bump into people I knew more often for brief conversations and this year an appointment was almost needed after you share pin drops on your locations.

To my friends that I didn’t get the quality time to talk to, I did miss not seeing you more.

Until next year.


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