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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gold Eye Mine Tour 1/14/18 - Day 7

Today is Sunday, 1/14/15 and thanks to my friend Dan for setting this tour up for today.

The area was once one claim and now it is divided into a number of claims and sold off.

Our tour guide/owner of 2 -20 acre claims.  Showed us around and gave us mining history in the Quartzsite area.

Above is what remains of the original cabin.  History indicates that this site was mined for gold by the Spanish, when this land was owned by Spain.

Leger Harold was the major last owner and he now is part of the property, now that his ashes were scattered on the property.

This is a picture of an old unused mind shaft 60 ft deep.  It is contrasted with the old skeleton of this saguaro.

We had a good turnout for the tour.  There were lots of q&a at the end.

This sign is found right above our tour guide’s latest find of 22K Gold in the ledge he exposed.

My friend Rob’s hands looking at the gold in the rock that was excavated.

There is gold in them there hills.

The tour provided a break from the average RTR going on’s. Much of what is presented at the RTR seminars I have seen before.

Again thanks to Dan for setting up the tour. You too can follow Dan at


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