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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Los Algodones Petroglyph Rocks, AZ 1/30/18 - Day 23

Today is Tuesday, 1/30/18 - Day 23.

I have another vandweller friend who would like to go to Los Algodones for the first time.  Being in the area today was the day.

The trip, as usual, involves arriving early at the border parking lot.  Then touring the small center of town saying high to a couple of locals, that remember me and making a couple of purchases.  I forgot to get the clear vanilla for the wife the last trip so I remember this time.

My MD son sends me a message reminding me of the rare blood, blue, eclipsed moon tonight / early hours of Wednesday morning.

I thank him as I’m in a great area to see it.  

My destination tonight is BLM land at Petroglyph Rocks, AZ, just west of Gila Bend.  This BLM camping is $8.00 a night, but with my senior National Park Pass it’s half price at $4.00.

The couple checking in ahead of me only had $2.00 cash with their park pass.  I gave them the additional $2.00.  In thanking me, I asked them to pay it forward.  I carry a check book just for this reason, as I have been counting change in my car to pay the exact amount to the iron ranger in the past.  A check makes it simple!

I knew the moon would be big as it rose so I found my fixed foreground object to use in my pictures.  I will be back in the pitch black of no moon to use it again in the morning.

I thought it would be fun to take a picture of the moon on top of the rock.

Here I am a bit after 6:00 am taking this picture.  Back at the old tree with bird house.  People ask how I take my photos so here is the key.  At night it helps to light the foreground a bit so the picture will not turn out to grainy.  I used a headlamp in my hand on an angle shooting up.  This allows the moon to show its true colors.  Yes I wanted the moon in the arch of the tree, so I wore my down coat as it was chilly outside waiting for the shot.  Photo was taken with my IPhone7.



  1. Brent... Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing! ~Nancy

    1. Nancy,

      Thank you

      Now it’s your turn to share your adventures


  2. Brent,

    I hope that you don't mind new comments to your older posts. I reread ur posts when I've more time.
    A. Your wife must be a baker using the clear vanilla. Yum
    B. Nice tip on lighting for night photos.

    1. Dzry,

      I just know she does not like brown vanilla. I have no idea what she uses it for. She is a good cook. I bought the big bottle, but she only asked for the little one. She said that big bottle will last a couple years.

      Thanks on the lighting tip. I enjoy finding the right shot to take. They look better when I put thought into it.