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Friday, January 19, 2018

Random RTR Things 1/19/18 - Day 12

Today is Friday, 1/19/18 - Day 12

The Art Camp of the RTR made the van for Burning Van this year scheduled for 7:00 pm Saturday night (tomorrow).  This will be the last night of the RTR and then the Woman’s RTR starts and lasts until the 24th.

I signed the Van during this week as it was out for display and signing.

It rained the day before I got to the RTR and it officially started and hasn’t rained since.  I can’t under state the thick dust that comes from following others on the main road.  In the camps people have been good about keeping close to 5 mph and there is very little dust where I have been.

I need to clean my solar panel daily if I drive the road.

I hear grunting behind me at one of the seminars and over my shoulder is a pet pig.  You can see many things at the RTR.

A first on this trip was my first use of my delightful rice cooker in my truck camper.  My goal was to use it off of my solar system vs idling the truck.  Yea!  It worked

I don’t have a lot of meters hooked up to my solar system, but my portable meter showed that even in low angle sun this time of year, and later in the day sun, the solar panel provided half of the amps and my LiFePo4 battery provided the other half of 6 amps to cook my Raman today.

I have my 12 v devices off the load side of the charge controller, so my solar can supply power by itself without tapping battery once it is full.

Here I am laying on my lower bed with roof down on a windy afternoon.  A nap may have been included.

With roof fully up the moon and sun setting brings an end to another day at the RTR.


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