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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Heading to RTR 1/10/18 - Day 3

Today is Wednesday 1/10/18.  After heavy rain last night it was up and to McDonalds for unsweetened iced tea and podcast downloads before driving the 4 hours to Quartzsite, AZ, just shy of the boarder of California.

A quick look at the radar showed more rain headed our way on I10 so I decided to stay out of the rain and head directly west from Tucson to Why, AZ on AZ 86 and then pick up AZ 85 north to Gila Bend and on back to I10 west.  Although this added some time to the driving I bypassed the rain and whatever problems that come from it.

Above is Kit Peak on AZ86, just west of Tucson, covered in the cloud.  It is an observatory that offers tours.  If you are in the area it offers great views and also special events like star gazing from their at night.

I arrived at the RTR in Quartzsite, AZ mid afternoon after stopping at a water kiosk before heading out on to BLM land in the desert.

This BLM land is available for disbursed camping and you get a permit for no cost to stay up to 14 days.  Then you can move on BLM land 25 miles away and stay another 14 days.  I will be leaving on 1/21. For new location although Pass is good until 1/24.

Every year this event gets more crowded.  There is an estimate that we may exceed 2000 people this year.  That means that it will have more than doubled from last year

Above is my spot out past the crowd.  I’m a bit low on solar from the clouds and rain, so I have tilted the camper roof to get more rays from the sun that is low in the sky this time of year.  I was checking the fluids in the engine and charging a few things from the engine battery to let my house battery charge faster before dark.

This is my sunset view tonight.  There are just enough clouds to get great colors to night.  I will enjoy many great sunsets and sun rises while in the southwest.


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