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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Of Living The Vandweller Life 1/16/18 - Day 9

Today is Tuesday 1/16/18 and I’ve been on the road just over a week and it is time to do laundry.  This laundromat in Quartzsite has a restaurant in the front and laundromat in the center and showers can be had for $8.00 in the rear.

I decided to use one large capacity washer for one load.  $4.50 / load.  Dryers are $.25 for 6.6 minutes.  My sleeping bag liner and pillow take the longest to dry at 6 cycles.

Next it was a trip to the Quartzsite library for WiFi.  It is faster than McDonald’s.

Just across the street from the library is a park with a 9 basket disc golf course.  I didn’t play a full round but worked on my practice drives and putting.

As with every trip to town it’s an opportunity to get rid of trash and get water.

On the way back to camp I found an excluded spot to give myself a haircut. I have been giving myself haircuts since my first year on the Road five years ago.  I had gone to a hairdresser in Fort Walton Beach, FL and was not happy with the results.

I originally started cutting with a plug-in power clipper and on my second year of travel I switched to a cordless rechargeable trimmer clipper as my choice to cut my hair.

I still use this clipper now 4 years later.  

The process I use is to clip a tarp around my neck to keep the cut hair out of my neck and back.  I then cut the back of my head by feel and the sides and top with the assistance of my mirror.  Actually I found my reflection in the the Tacoma’s side window sufficient. I use the wide and narrow cutters with hair height adjustments.  

I’m happy with my results.

The road to / from the RTR is heavily traveled and dust is a concern.  I drive with windows up and fan off for the 1.5 mile to the tar road.  Don’t want to suck in dust.

My sunset tonight!

I didn’t attend the morning sessions recently but heard today that the BLM and Bob Wells are discussing moving the event to the tar section of entrance road closer tow town.  Bob Wells has created a YouTube video explaining the decision to move the event.  Current estimates of people here by the BLM is now 3000 people.  Bob thinks the numbrr is higher.

Here is the link to Bob’s Youtube update

Change is expected when an event grows.



  1. Brent... so I am pretty sure that is my Prius parked next to you at the laundry mat. It was such a pleasure to meet you at the RTR and to receive your curtain clips, and for you to demonstrate them in my car at the Small Vehicle Show + Tell. ~Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Oh thank you. It was so nice to be their at the show and tell and have you offer to be a demo car. I was a bit sad not to be sharing my Prius, but with your assistance we helped a few others.

      Happy travels