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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Around Quartzsite 1/13/14 - Day 6

Quartzsite, AZ has been a Mecca for gem and campers for years.  This my fourth year here camping at the RTR. I have been here before my RTR attendance with family too.

On busy I10 between Phoenix and Los Angeles, Quartzsite is hot and dry desert environment that shrinks in population in the summer and grows by thousands of “snow birds” in the winter.

Since I’ve been here this year it has been milder than normal with temps in low 70’s and lows about 40, and dry.  By mid March campers leave here as the daytime temperatures reach 95 degrees.

This week there is a large gem show and the RV Big Tent Event That also bring more people to town.  The influx of people is good for business but it does stretch everything.  

The above BLM Map shows the locations of BLM public camping in Quartzsite, AZ, and the town in the center.

With I10 cutting the town in half north and south, US95 separates the town east and west, as shown in the Map above.

The RTR where I am is in the southeast corner and the town and services are near the intersection of the two highways.

Where I am it is free 14 day permitted BLM camping. There is another area to the west side of town.  North and South on US95 are BLM long term visitor areas (LTVA) where you get some basic services for a nominal price.  Some stay on LTVA for months.

The entrance of one LTVA entrance is shown above.  I went to visit a friend in this area from where I am staying.  

Many groups are on free land and others, like the Magic Circle settle into the LTVA camping areas.

Visitors go into town for supplies such as dump holding tanks, take on water, and get propane.  There are dedicated spots for these purchases and one That does it all in one spot.

I get my water from a kiosk shown above found around town.  Here I pay $.25/gal or $1.00 for 5 gallons.  I often meet others here and it’s a good social place.

I met two other pick up campers, one being a Four Wheel Camper like mine, here at the park in town.

Parks are great places to park and organize or just relax.  There is a disc golf course nearby here that I will be going to.

Some of my friends go to the senior center for lunch for a $3.50 donation.  She also takes classes there.

There are many vendors in tents like a flea market and some in more permanent places.  There are plenty of things to walk and see.

There are lots of food vendors and a few decent restaurants.  One of my friends went to a small place with live music that looked like a good time.

Traffic is slow and busy but not generally gridlock yet.  The Big Tent event will change that in the area next werkend.

If you need a large grocery store look to Blythe, CA across the Colorado River or Parker, AZ, otherwise your hometown stores you can find the basics.

Above and below pictures are from the Facebook post from RTR Talk. The above boot gives a picture of the number of RV’s That come to town.

The above picture is of the center of the RTR. I am off this picture’s top left corner.


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