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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Slabs 1/27/18 - Day 20

Today is Saturday 1/27/18 - Day 20 and I’m waking at The Slabs, aka Slab City, CA.

Many will write about this place as it being bad ass, but the story and life here is not that easy to summarize.  

There are the people that live here that are an eclectic group of people that mostly keep to themselves and are generally standoffish unless you need to interact.  

There are the snow bird groups, WINS and LOWS who have fixed bases here.  

Then there are people like the folks from the RTR who come for the experience.  

Yes, there are others who come for the day as tourists.  There were more tourists this year than in the past.

I was sitting in the cab of my truck trying to figure out why my pictures didn’t post to my blog and the woman and her pet pig from the RTR came out to enjoy the morning sun.

Every year I come, the art on the old Marine Corp base storage tanks has changed.

Some of the art is unique and appealing.  Many come with social messages.

Above, this guy chose to enjoy the sunset on the roof of his van.

Since noon local talent had been entertaining at the Range nightclub.

I headed over as darkness fell for a couple hours as people are called up to show their talent on stage.

For me it is all about the experience and enjoy what I want to of The Slabs.

In the morning I will stop by the Oasis Club to chat with a few people before heading to my next destination.


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