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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Change Of Scenery 1/21/18 - Day 14

Today is Sunday 1/21/18 - Day 14.

You can see I changed my backdrop.  That is the Colorado River and I’m parked in Ehrenburg, AZ and That is Blythe, CA across the river.

Although I could have stayed in Quartzsite as my pass in BLM land is good through 1/24, I waned a change of scenery.  Also my foot has been bothering me and walking on the jagged rocks in Quartzsite just aggravated my foot and my disposition.  I’m hoping the foot recovers as easily as whatever caused it while sitting and driving across the country.

Another advantage of moving the 25 miles west as the crow flys is the wind is negligible.  After the cold front came through the RTR the other day the wind has been strong on the hill where it was held.

Here there isn’t anything over a slight breeze.

I parked in a cul de sac where there was a Class A parked with a man an woman and a Class B Sprinter with a solo woman, both by themselves.

The woman was walking her dog as I arrived and we struck up a conversation and she was at the RTR, near where I was parked, and had stopped for the night before heading home in CA.

I had bought a steak for my dinner and I was going to make black beans and rice to go with it.  I asked the woman if she wanted to share and she did so it was dinner by the river and she brought salad items.

Traveling and cooking every day as I do, it is hard to cook for one without having leftovers.  When you buy a steak there is twice as much as I wish to eat, so I share when I can.  I did have rice and beans left over that will go in a burrito with some meat and veggies.

As you can see it was a pleasant evening by the river.  The guy in the Class A was fishing the river but I didn’t see anything caught.

After dinner the woman learned of my electronics skills and she wanted to learn how to figure what was drawing current on her AGM batteries that she charged from her generator when stationary.

She also wanted to learn how to use her Harbor Freight Digital volt ohm meter.  So, the meter was made in 2007 and battery was dead.  It uses a 9v battery so I showed her how to test the battery with her tongue.  I won’t forget her expressing as she tested her new battery.

After the meter was working it was a brief tutorial of how to use it.  We moved to her fuse panel and removed each fuse and put the meter in 10 amp mode and removed the 12v fuses and used the meter to jump the circuit to measure the current.  She tested each circuit and found the few that was drawing 1 amp continually drawing all night leaving her to run the generator again.

She was most astonished by the 2 amps that the 2 bulb fluorescent took when she turned it on.  I explained that she could replace that fixture with an LED one.  She wasn’t interested as she will be looking to sell it in the future and get a Class C.

It’s always great to help others and it’s even better to find people that have the independence to learn so they can do it in the future.


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