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Monday, January 29, 2018

BLM Hot Springs Holtville, CA 1/29/18 - Day 22

Today is Monday 1/29/18 - Day 22.

This morning I’m headed to BLM Hot Springs in Holtville, CA.  On way south through Brawley I see this lollipop smoke in the sky.  I have no clue!

Above is the Google map of the BLM area. I first stop at the Hot Springs just north of the highway.  This is where the LTVA is. Long Term Visitor Area.  It’s a paid area with some services.  $40 for 2 weeks.

See explanation in other pins on map I text below.

I eat lunch in the Oasis.

I parkfor the afternoon and night about 3 yellow pin drops down below the highway.  I’ve been here before and I understood it was a disbursed camping (free) area.  I was soon visited by the camphost for the LTVA who informed me if I stayed I would need to pay as I was in the LTVA.

I proceeded to be educated on the following.

First 1 mile below the highway is LVTA.  The next 1 mile is a buffer zone and no camping.  Then the next mile is 14 day disbursed camping. I was ok to move before staying the night.

Above is my new spot in the 14 day disbursed area. The heart on the map.

Sunset from the inside of camper looking out as I make dinner.

Why all the yellow pin drops on the map?

I call them breadcrumbs.  I place these pins on my map, as when I drive into disbursed areas this far it may be hard to remember the turns to get out.  This is specially true if one ever has to get out at night.   I follow the breadcrumbs.


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