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Monday, January 29, 2018

Rear Step / Beer Holder?

I brought an 18” high folding step to get in and out of camper, but getting the folding step out and picking it up Boondocking in parking lots and possibly forgetting it somewhere, I decided on a permanent step for my receiver hitch.

The step I got at Camping World in Tucson on the way out to San Diego was the right price and style from what I had seen online.

The best part is that I can just leave it there.  It ends up the same height off the ground as my 18” step stool.

In addition to it giving me a dedicated step that I don’t have to worry about, it is a good drink holder while sitting out back of my camper.  My bigger fridge allows me to carry some beer this year.  More on that in another post.

Note the silver cable and the orange box.

The cable is a 10 ft lightening cable off my solar system so I can charge outside.  The orange box is a Bluetooth speaker that was a previous gift from my wife.  It’s small size gives good sound quality and it clips on my backpack so I can listen to podcasts as I hike.


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