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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Planning / Organizing & Disc Golf 1/9/18 Day 2

Today is Tuesday, 1/9/18 and I planned this day in my schedule to do some planning, contact friends that are coming to the RTR in Quartzsite, AZ tomorrow, organize the camper, take on provisions, and play some disc golf.

As you can see above Dan and Brenda are planning g a tour of a Gold mine and have opened it up to their friends.  Dan and Brenda are friends from the east coast GTG that I go to in Alabama in April.  They are out here this year for the winter.  Dan did a Youtube video of me and my Prius.

I did take some time in the am to play disc golf in Tucson.  I’m remiss That the last time I have played was in September.  I didn’t play a full game as I was more interested in practicing putting and drives.

Santa Cruise River Park in Tucson is a good course to practice basics.

Overnight Tuesday to Wednesday the rain that caused California deadly mudslides came through Tucson with high winds and rain.  It woke me up shaking my camper.

Friends on their way and at Quartzsite all reported the storm.

Next time my blog will be going to the RTR.


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