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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Cold Spring Cave Hike

We are getting near the end of our time hiking and touring together in Utah.  It’s bitter seeet.  A month of hiking and exploring Utah is a dream come true 

Today we hike Cold Spring Cave. Another cave in Comb Ridge off Butler Wash Road.

No. Exploring these sites doesn’t get old, but I wonder how we could ever top this fun.

Likecall thecrest ofvthe hikes, you hike takes you across Butler Wash and up the wash on one of the combs.

About a mile from the parking area you see the cave and the ruins.

Getting to these ruins is only a short hike up.  

I have not seen this often where door frame is one long stone.

There are more petroglyphs to explore like this figure that looks like a bird.

We also have some had art that is common in many of the sites around here.

This grinding surface is different.  We have seen the long wide grinding spots but not thecsmaller tapered holes.  I would like to know what they fit into the round hole.

Here is a view the natives would have had.

There are more petroglyphs of a person and pictures.  When I show pictures of Petroglyphs you can be sure there are usually more I didn’t share and in some cases I don’t take a picture of them all.

Common arecthe had psintingsvon the cave walls.

Since spring is in the name of the cave I wanted to capture it.  There were a few spots in the cave you can see that it may have running water.  Then Joanne reminded me that the people that lived here vanished at one point in time and it is possible changing weather conditions may be a reason.

This spring comes from directly under the main ruin in the cave.

Last a view of from a spot I climbed to look for more things to see.  This is looking out/back to Butler Wash.


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