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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Monarch Cave

Monarch Cave Hike is on AllTrails and the cave from pictures looked interesting.  Many of these hikes are 2-3 miles with a few longer.

In order to preserve the history and artifacts these signs are on many trails here.

All hike paths haveva similar appearance, either like the above they are paths, walking down or in washes, or walking over hard rock surfaces.

A look ahead is the cave on the right.  We see many like this with nothing noticeable in them from a distance but once inside we find evidence of native culture being here. 

In this case we can visibly see a ruin.  In this case we can access the area to see closer.

Here is the view the natives had from this home in the cave.

Oh look, it is a geocache that someone has put here.  A look inside showed a 8-1/2” x 11” spiraled binder with a log of people that have signed every page and cover to enter their visit.

In this cave we found petroglyphs.  Often we see colored hands.

Also colored images of people

There are many ruins that have been subject to damage from people and weather.  We respect all ruins and leave what we find for others to see that come after us.

Along Butler Wash we found many engraved markings showing people, animals, and geometric shapes.

The long marks are worn into the sandstone.  We find many of these markings too, and they appear to be sharpening tools, but that is just my guess.

Much conversation goes on between the three of us (Joanne, Susan and me) to guess what the natives were depicting in the images.

Paintings and engravings are subject to wear from the weather, like the one above.  It’s important that we only take pictures to not have humans contribute to the wear.  These could be from around 800 AD. 

The daily adventurous hikes are fun.  We share what we know, research the night before, pick the hike, and in our own way record and share our findings.

The enjoyment of the outdoors and culture, and friends is exceptional.


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